Hello World

The madness has begun.

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9 Responses to Hello World

  1. utgardaloke says:

    Oh man, this is too good. Thanks for doing this.


  2. There are some major differences between the Playstation and Saturn versions of the game. The PS1 version has some differences in the visuals and architecture and some of the levels are completely different for better or for worse, whereas the Saturn version has some additional items and features. So how is Powerslave EX going to be like? Will you stick to only one version of the game, or will you cherry pick things from the two different versions


  3. Doomer says:

    Thank you for doing this! I guess this will be based on the PC version too ?


  4. james says:

    Any updates on progress?


    • Kaiser says:

      Posted a new screenshot in the media section, but nothing major to make an announcement about. Still working on getting the game stable enough for its Alpha release.


  5. montycoral says:

    when & where to download?


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