More Progress

Began work on the Cobra Staff and projectiles for it. Most of it is still in very early development and hopefully should be improved soon.

Click to view video

Edit: I just noticed that the projectiles are targeting the feet of the enemies, when it should be targeting the enemy’s origin plus its halved height value. Bah…

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8 Responses to More Progress

  1. Pharaoh says:

    Smooth like butter. Love it


  2. strikerman780 says:

    I’m wondering, would you consider bringing in the ability to use the death animations from the PC version of PowerSlave for the humanoid enemies, instead of always gibbing? (Ie. Best of both worlds.)


    • Kaiser says:

      That’s a possibility, but that would be tedious to do without a custom sprite editor though.


    • For now I think it is best to just focus on recreating the console version. I’d much rather have the Saturn Version over the PS1 version though due to the better visual features and powerups.


      • Kaiser says:

        Only reason why I am focusing on the PSX version is because it’s the easiest to disassemble and reverse-engineer and I still have yet figured out the map format for the Saturn version. I do plan on revisiting this once I get farther along development.


      • Kaiser is there any way of adding a donate button on this page, I would play to see this go further.


  3. CanadianEnigma says:

    Would it be possible to replace the snakestaff’s first person sprite with that of the PC version? I remember Powerslave’s PC version had an idle animation that was different.


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