Optimization Time

Renderer optimizations: it’s that point in development where you want things to run at a constant 60fps and where your code goes from clean and elegant to a garbled mess held together with bubble gum. Powerslave is a HUGE vertex cruncher thanks to the game relying on it to achieve shadows/lighting since lightmaps weren’t available on the consoles back in the day. I am getting to a point now where I am starting to feel confident on it’s performance but I am still looking to squeeze out a bit more before I call it done. It’s amazing what vertex buffers can do.

I am quite impressed that the PSX hardware was capable of running something with the sheer amount of vertices/triangles like in Powerslave without catching on fire.


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7 Responses to Optimization Time

  1. AndromedaX says:

    Already in optimization stages ? You’re a machine, man. Hey, I wonder, have you found some interesting, unseen stuff in levels ? Like, say, aborted level sections or maybe some random easter egg ?


    • Kaiser says:

      There’s none aside from unused sounds from the PC and Saturn versions of the game. There IS one unused vessel sprite (vase/barrels, etc) meant for the Sunken level but not used anywhere.


  2. AndromedaX says:

    Interesting, I guess they had to cull anything unnecessary from the game due to memory limitations on the console.


  3. Wait have you nearly finished making it already?


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