Unused Vessel Sprite

This seems to be the only unused sprite in the entire game (both Saturn and PSX versions). This was meant to be the Sunken Palace theme variation of the vessel object that you can destroy to collect items. I take it that it was removed because it resembled too much to the mines in the Sunken Palace. The mines were probably updated to spawn items after they exploded to make up for the lack of vessel objects in that level.



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3 Responses to Unused Vessel Sprite

  1. AndromedaX says:

    Interesting looking sprite. But I guess it’s good that they had Mines spawning items instead. Ammo can get pretty tight in this game. Having to waste it to destroy mines AND vessels would have been overkill


  2. Darryl says:

    I’ve just found about this today from the Lobotomy Facebook site linking to the Techraptor interviwe and I am so excited. Thank you som much Samuel for attempting this. I am such a fan of Exhumed, I am not sure how many times I played it through on the Saturn, the on the PS1. I have the PC version, but it is pretty tough to get working on modern PCs and even then I could not find a way to use Mouselook.
    So thank you again and I really look forward to playing it. I’ll give you all the feedback I can when you release it, and if you need any help, let me know (although I don’t know anything about coding!).


  3. You don’t know how excited I am to play this. 😀


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