Powerslave EX is a recreation of Lobotomy Software’s obscured FPS game, Powerslave (also known as Exhumed in the UK).

More information about the game and the company behind it can be found in the video below:

That said, the goal of this project is to re-create the game from the ground up using my custom Kex Engine framework. The progress of it’s development will be discussed on this blog. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback on the home page.


18 Responses to About

  1. Pharaoh says:

    Excellent news!


  2. ancient says:

    I was just going to play it. EXcelent news.


  3. CanadianEnigma says:

    Is this going to be based around the PC port, the PS1 port, the Saturn port or is it going to feature content from all three?


  4. nicolascy says:

    Great news ! It would be an amazing remake.One question through ! Would you replace the sprites for enemies and weapons with full 3d models or use voxels for them ?


  5. Mahmoud says:

    This is wonderful ! it’s my favorite FPS of all time !!
    I have it on both Saturn & PS1
    Can’t wait to see the results, good job and good luck πŸ˜€


  6. nicolascy says:

    Well i don’t know if anyone is interested or has the talent to do 3d models of enemies and objects. But there are already completed egyptian related models to be found in commercial 3d
    models shops like turbosquid
    A nice relatively cheap one(well its not like the game has a trillion enemies) for example is this :
    Of course you would need to texture and more importantly to properly animate it .


  7. Ryan says:

    I can’t wait to play this. Kaiser works his magic on another classic FPS that will benefit tremendously by being on PC.


  8. Ramses Bringer of War says:

    Wow! Thank you for making this game playable for the PC. Powerslave (PS1) is my second favorite fps of all time (DOOM 1 being no.1) and I can’t wait to play the Saturn and PC levels.


  9. I’d really like to help you with this project, is this possible ? πŸ™‚


  10. Jim says:

    Please add a quicksave version to this and Turok EX. Thanks!


  11. Raina says:

    Amazing news! I heard that you might be releasing it soon, but did not know it will be that close! Just tried it out and I am really stunned by the amount of work you put into this, really well done! How does saving work btw? Is it automatic after every level? Could you also include a bindings reset into the options? Thanks a lot for this πŸ™‚ Greetings from the Lobotomy fan page on facebook!


  12. Spirit says:

    Oh this is awesome! Any plans for the Saturn port of Quake? It used the same engine and Rich recently posted a lot of details about its formats: http://www.richwhitehouse.com/index.php?postid=68


  13. Sammy says:

    Looks great. I never played the console version but I’d love to try it out. I do hope very much that you decide to do the PC version too, as I did play that version and loved it back then. Playing it with WASD, mouselook, widescreen etc would be a dream come true.


  14. Roger says:

    Well done on a great piece of work. Exhumed is one of my all time favourites so it’s great to be able to experience it in HD. The Saturn version was significantly superior to the PlayStation conversion – level design, lighting effects, performance – so it would be even better if you could turn your talents to converting that. Thank you for doing this project!


  15. Alberto says:

    When will the download be available again?


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