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Powerslave EX Will Be Revived

Powerslave EX revival not far… — Samuel Villarreal (@SVKaiser) April 27, 2018 Advertisements

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Turok 2 EX announced; To be shown at GDC March 1st

More unrelated news but having been quiet for almost a year, I can proudly mention that Turok 2 EX has finally been announced and will be released on Steam March 16th. Steam store page:

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Powerslave EX Source Code Released

Decided to kick off the new year by making the source code to Powerslave EX public, which can be found on my Github account. Since now that I barely have time for it anymore, I figured it would be interesting to … Continue reading

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Its Happening

Yeah I know, more unrelated news, but figured I mention this anyways since it runs on the same engine that powered PowerslaveEX.

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Just in case you were wondering, yes I am still alive and yes this blog isn’t going anywhere (yet). That said, in non-Powerslave related news, Turok EX has finally been announced. I guess you could say this was why I’ve … Continue reading

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New Release Coming Soon

Thanks to all that reported bugs. I’ve been reviewing them and will have the majority of them addressed for the next beta release, which I am anticipating sometime during the weekend or this coming Monday. Also, 10,000+ visitors!!!

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Powerslave EX Public Beta Released

Update: A patch has been uploaded which fixes the bug where player loses his artifacts and gets stuck on the overworld screen after getting the bad ending. Patch can be found here Update #2: Looks like I’ve been banned from Dropbox … Continue reading

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