Minimum System Requirements

Note that this is only based on the resources required by the application on my end. This could drastically change for other users.

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit

System Ram: 256mb

GPU: Open GL Compatiable Video Card (Must at least support version 1.4 and vertex buffers). On-board GPU chipsets is NOT recommended. Also not tested with ATI cards.

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Unused Vessel Sprite

This seems to be the only unused sprite in the entire game (both Saturn and PSX versions). This was meant to be the Sunken Palace theme variation of the vessel object that you can destroy to collect items. I take it that it was removed because it resembled too much to the mines in the Sunken Palace. The mines were probably updated to spawn items after they exploded to make up for the lack of vessel objects in that level.



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TechRaptor Interview

So I’ve recently been interviewed by TechRaptor regarding to PowerslaveEX. Click here for the interview.

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Optimization Time

Renderer optimizations: it’s that point in development where you want things to run at a constant 60fps and where your code goes from clean and elegant to a garbled mess held together with bubble gum. Powerslave is a HUGE vertex cruncher thanks to the game relying on it to achieve shadows/lighting since lightmaps weren’t available on the consoles back in the day. I am getting to a point now where I am starting to feel confident on it’s performance but I am still looking to squeeze out a bit more before I call it done. It’s amazing what vertex buffers can do.

I am quite impressed that the PSX hardware was capable of running something with the sheer amount of vertices/triangles like in Powerslave without catching on fire.


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FAQ Time

Anyone who has questions regarding to this project, post them here. For example, I am starting to see people referring to this as a ‘total conversion’, so is PowerslaveEX a total conversion? No, it’s not. So if there’s anything you wish to have answered, ask them here. The questions mentioned will be compiled into a FAQ section on this site sometime soon.

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Mod Support

Currently working on a feature to make things easier to support user mods. Decided to go with the traditional ‘Doom’ mechanic and let the user add a custom game pak file by using a -file parameter. Though I might see if its possible to load mods through the game’s menu.

Decided to toy around with this and added a mod that brings back the death animations of certain enemies from the PC version.

Click to view video

PowerslaveEX will be going into alpha this coming April. I will be posting more info regarding to QA testing sessions sometime in the future.

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Weekly Progress

shot001 shot000

I am also currently figuring out the level format for the Saturn port. Unfortunately, its not as easy as I hoped. You would think the level formats for both the Saturn and PSX versions would be the same….

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