Powerslave Exhumed Now Available

Never thought I’d get here, but PowerslaveEX is now finally, and officially, available on Steam, GoG and console platforms. Thanks for waiting!

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Powerslave EX is returning

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Powerslave EX Will Be Revived

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Turok 2 EX announced; To be shown at GDC March 1st

More unrelated news but having been quiet for almost a year, I can proudly mention that Turok 2 EX has finally been announced and will be released on Steam March 16th.


Steam store page: https://t.co/YZ96C964dE

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Powerslave EX Source Code Released

Decided to kick off the new year by making the source code to Powerslave EX public, which can be found on my Github account. Since now that I barely have time for it anymore, I figured it would be interesting to see who else can do with it.

Additionally, I’ve re-activated my Twitter account and I will be making updates and announcements on there from here on.

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Its Happening

Yeah I know, more unrelated news, but figured I mention this anyways since it runs on the same engine that powered PowerslaveEX.

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Just in case you were wondering, yes I am still alive and yes this blog isn’t going anywhere (yet). That said, in non-Powerslave related news, Turok EX has finally been announced. I guess you could say this was why I’ve been very quiet the past few months.


Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

And before you even ask about that “other game”, just wait a little bit longer.

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New Release Coming Soon

Thanks to all that reported bugs. I’ve been reviewing them and will have the majority of them addressed for the next beta release, which I am anticipating sometime during the weekend or this coming Monday.

Also, 10,000+ visitors!!!

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Powerslave EX Public Beta Released

Update: A patch has been uploaded which fixes the bug where player loses his artifacts and gets stuck on the overworld screen after getting the bad ending. Patch can be found here

Update #2: Looks like I’ve been banned from Dropbox for excessive bandwidth. Download links has been updated. Let’s hope Bitbucket won’t mind the traffic…..

Update #3: New download links added. I sincerely apologize about that.

Finally, here it is: the first public release of Powerslave EX. Download link can be found at the downloads page. I have also added a FAQ page as well which should answer everyone’s questions. I would also like to thank everyone who volunteered to play test it and helped identify all of the major issues. Also, included in the package is a addons folder which contains some example mods that you can use. Instructions to use them are provided in the package.

This release is by no means perfect; there will be bugs and lots of other issues that may pop up. Please report any bugs and flaws to kexenginebugsgmailcom. Expect to see patches for this initial release being announced.

Sometime in the future I will be writing up a technical documentation on the console versions of Powerslave and how the game worked as well as document its renderer. I will also be releasing the source code for Powerslave EX sometime in the future as well.

So what’s next? Fixing bugs of course. Tools and extended modding support are also on my to-do list as well as supporting the Saturn and PC versions of the levels. Feel free to ask any questions regarding to modding the beta release on this post.

shot001  shot000

So here you have it, Powerslave EX.


PS: To former Lobotomy Software developers:

If you ever see this, I’d really like to hear what you guys think about this project. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, something that I would really like to do in the future is implement a commentary system. If you guys are interested in providing your stories and experience on this game then definitely I would like to hear from you!

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Minimum System Requirements

Note that this is only based on the resources required by the application on my end. This could drastically change for other users.

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit

System Ram: 256mb

GPU: Open GL Compatiable Video Card (Must at least support version 1.4 and vertex buffers). On-board GPU chipsets is NOT recommended. Also not tested with ATI cards.

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