TechRaptor Interview

So I’ve recently been interviewed by TechRaptor regarding to PowerslaveEX. Click here for the interview.

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16 Responses to TechRaptor Interview

  1. majorfoley says:

    Congrats, it made for an interesting read for sure.
    I guess this would be a good way for me to try out the console version on the PC. I’ve been playing PC on dosbox but its a little annoying. Guess the only thing im going to have to get used would be a couple of different levels and shared ammo system. Can’t Wait. Will also pick up night dive studios re release as well.

    I noticed at the end if you could you would try blood. I’ve hard so many things about it but why is atari refusing to let the community rebuild it?


  2. AndromedaX says:

    In the interview you mention you may be tempted to try doind Blood next… But have you considered Killing Time ? It’s engine looks interesting. Wide open areas, hub based, funky fully integrated FMV tricks…


  3. Axl says:

    90% done ! Amazing, can’t wait to play it…

    And man, if you would attempt to recreate Blood, I would be in heaven ! If there’s one game that deserves it, it would be Blood.


  4. Saracen says:

    I just read your interview and it was really enjoyable. It’s especially heartening to find out that someone is putting legitimate time and effort into restoring an obscure game when you thought you were only one of a handful of people who actually cared about it. Good luck, and I can’t wait to play it again with a modern resolution and control scheme.


  5. Already 90% done? It feels like it was just yesterday that this project was announced.

    They grow up so fast *sniff*.


  6. Alex says:

    Just thought I’d ask (not sure if you’re allowed to answer or not): In the interview you mentioned that Night Dive is releasing your Turok EX project as an official remake. Does this mean that you’re working on Turok EX by yourself or you’re working with a team to finish it up? And could this lead to a Turok 2 EX (the superior Turok game by and large)? I’d pay $20-30 for Turok 1 and 2 on PC with mod support.


    • Kaiser says:

      At the moment, its just myself. Though it would be really nice if I could get additional help with the level editor.


      • Alex says:

        Is the door open for a Turok 2: Seeds of Evil EX? I’d be happy with just being able to use the Cerebral Bore in Turok 1.


      • Kaiser says:

        It’s going to happen for sure. I just don’t know if it’ll be this year. I also haven’t figured out most of Turok 2’s game data format yet and THAT alone will take some time.


  7. I admire your handiwork. The interview is a pretty good read.


  8. Alex says:

    Full disclosure: I started a Neogaf thread about Turok EX:


  9. I’m a big fan of your work. Doom 64 EX is wonderful. I know you’re extremely busy, and these projects are huge undertakings, but I dream of Turok 3 EX. In particular, Turok 3 EX with mod support so the rough edges and poor late-development design decisions can be fixed. (Enemies instantly fading, weapons spawning invisible shell casings, cut scripted sequences, etc.) But regardless, bless you for putting in the effort to bring these games to a wider audience in a more polished form.


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